“Faith-fueled candidates” win in Iowa

Jeff Sharlett of The Revealter writes:

If tonight’s Iowa results prove anything, it’s that religion isn’t leaving the public square when W. rides home to Texas. Huckabee’s huge victory over robot Republican Mitt Romney is the most obvious sign that Holy Ghost power still matters in power politics. But Obama’s victory should be read as almost as big an indicator that we are living in a deeply religious moment. Of course, other factors contributed to both men’s victories — Huck’s faux-populism, Obama’s pure charisma — but there’s no denying that both Republicans and Democrats in Iowa chose the two most faith-fueled candidates.

Imagine a Huck vs. Obama general election: the two candidates most comfortable at a pulpit fighting it out for the hearts and minds of American evangelicals. That’s right — Obama has almost as much of a shot at a big chunk of the evangelical vote as Huckabee. Huckabee may be a pastor, but Obama talks more like a prophetic preacher. Huckabee may come from an evangelical denomination, the Southern Baptists, but Obama’s church, an Afrocentric UCC congregation, worships in a style more recognizable to the multitudes of a megachurch nation.

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