Full Of Grace


Blessing the Mothers

Who are our

first sanctuary.

Who fashion

a space of blessing

with their own being:

with the belly

the bone and

the blood


if not with these,

then with the

durable heart

that offers itself

to break

and grow wide,

to gather itself

around another

as refuge,

as home.

Who lean into

the wonder and terror

of loving what

they can hold

but cannot contain.

Who remain

in some part of themselves

always awake,

a corner of consciousness

keeping perpetual vigil.

Who know

that the story

is what endures

is what binds us

is what runs deeper

even than blood

and so they spin them

in celebration

of what abides

and benediction

on what remains:

a simple gladness

that latches onto us

and graces us

on our way.

Seen above and on front-page mastheads: “Madonna of the Sighs”, oil on canvas, 2011, 10″x10″, by Mel Ahlborn after Francesco Granacci. Currently on exhibit through May 27th in ‘Magnificat: Mary in Art’ at the Cathedral Cultural Center Sunderland Gallery, St Cecilia Cathedral, Omaha, Nebraska, Paula Wallace, Curator.

Words above: “Blessing The Mothers” by Jan Richardson.

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