Future Speculations about the Communion

Fr. Greg Jones, one of the contributors here at Episcopal Cafe and the keeper of the Anglican Centrist blog, has written up an analysis of an interview given by Bishop John Rogers to David Virtue.

Bishop Rogers is a bishop of the Anglican Church of Rwanda AMiA initiative and once served as the Dean of Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry in Ambridge PA, and who has returned as interim-dean following the departure of Dean Paul Zahl.

Fr Jones’ comments on the interview include this bit of analysis of Bishop Rogers’ points:

“Rogers predicts that ‘a major division of the Anglican Communion is more likely’ than the Episcopal Church being ‘disciplined’ or expelled from the Communion. He believes the shape of the schism will mean that evangelical Anglicans in Africa and the West will go their own way, while other provinces remain in communion with the Episcopal Church and England.

Moreover, he believes that the departure of the evangelical coalition will mean that the Episcopal Church will in fact maintain its position and standing within the Communion. Finally, he predicts that those who wish to separate from the Episcopal Church will have to forfeit the properties they are trying to purloin from the Episcopal Church. (Notably, the Anglican Mission in America has lost its flagship court case on this issue.)”

Read the rest here.

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