Day: June 7, 2007

Thursday Daily Office

Then Jesus told them a parable about their need to pray always and not to lose heart. He said, ‘In a certain city there was

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Split Not Inevitable

Archbishop of Canterbury reflects, “I don’t think schism is inevitable. The task I’ve got is to try and maintain as long as possible the space in which people can have constructive disagreements, learn from each other, and try and hold that within an agreed framework of discipline and practice.”

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Executive Council has full plate

The Executive Council has a full agenda for its meeting in Parsipanny, NJ, June 11-14. Responses will be made to the House of Bishops resolutions and the Communique requests. On the agenda will be responses to Episcopal profits from slavery, the Farm Bill currently before Congress, how to reach out to members of dioceses in places where the leadership is looking at leaving the Episcopal Church and a visit with Davis Mac Iyalla, the leader of Changing Attitude Nigeria (CAN).

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More Lambeth Invites Likely

The invitation list for the 2008 Lambeth Conference of Anglican bishops is not complete, according to Canon James Rosenthal, communications director for the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC), who said it is possible more invitations will be extended in the coming months.

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God the Trinity

God made a covenant with us. The word covenant means “coming together.” God wants to come together with us. In many of the stories of the Hebrew Bible, we see that God appears as a God who defends us against our enemies, protects us against dangers, and guides us to freedom. God is God-for-us.

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A network-centric world

Just as the Anglican Communion is struggling to find a way for the varieties of churches to develop a centralized way of living together the world is going in the opposite direction. From the Defense Department to Howard Dean’s presidential campaign to Al Qaeda, everyone is learning the lessons of the network centric world.

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Future Speculations about the Communion

According to an analysis of an interview given by Bishop John Rogers of the AMiA, Rogers predicts that ‘a major division of the Anglican Communion is more likely’ than the Episcopal Church being ‘disciplined’ or expelled from the Communion.

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