Women to be ordained priests in Wangaratta

The Australian Diocese of Wangaratta has voted to permit the ordination and licensing of women clergy, according to Georger Conger writing in the Church of England Newspaper

By a vote of 43-9 in the lay order and 15-9 in the clergy order the Synod of the Diocese of Wangaratta, which extends from Melbourne’s northern suburbs to the New South Wales border, on May 25 adopted the Anglican Church of Australia General Synod “Clarification Canon” which permits women clergy.

Only four of Australia’s 23 dioceses do not ordain women to the priesthood: the Anglo-Catholic leaning dioceses of The Murray and Ballarat, and the Evangelical leaning dioceses of Sydney and Northwest Australia.

Synod also adopted a private members bill, repealing legislation adopted in 2004 that would have provided alternative Episcopal pastoral oversight to clergy and congregations unable to accept women’s orders.

The synod votes will not have legal effect until Wangaratta Bishop David Farrer gives his assent. The Diocesan Registrar, the Rev. John Pryor told the diocesan newspaper, The Advocate, it was likely the bishop would give his assent once adequate provision had been made for those opposed to the ordination of women.

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