God thinks it’s cool

The Episcopal Church of the Advent in Logan Square offers a service for dogs and dog walkers every Sunday. Check out the video here. The story is here:

“It came out of this observation that we have so many people in the neighborhood who are dog owners,” says Rev. Sandra Castillo, rector at the Episcopal Church of the Advent and La Iglesia Episcopal de Nuestra Senora de las Americas. “We thought this might be a good way to reach out.”

“We used to have an 8 o’clock service, but it ended in September and we figured why not try this?” adds Sonia Davidson, a member of the congregation, dog person and moving force behind the idea. “It’s kid-friendly, pet-friendly. If you’re walking your dog, you stop in.”

The services are short — 15 or 20 minutes — and simple. Some readings, prayers and announcements in a corner of the beautiful century-old church.

“We went through the prayer book and it’s basically the morning prayer service,” says John Medenwald, one of the five church members who take turns officiating at the service, which is lay-organized and led.

There is blog devoted to The Episcopal Church of the Advent & & Nuestra Senora.

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