Day: January 23, 2008

Tradition is the democracy of the dead

Chesterton’s famous quote cuts in many directions, but it reminds us that the churches in which we worship, and the dioceses and provinces in which they are situated, are things we have received in trust and hope to pass on in trust. Aside from the absence of an impartial monitor for the plebiscite-like votes that have taken place of late, we also lack the crucial participation of that ‘most obscure of all classes’ and an honest commitment to honour legitimate outcomes.

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God thinks it’s cool

“It came out of this observation that we have so many people in the neighborhood who are dog owners,” says The Rev. Sandra Castillo, rector at the Episcopal Church of the Advent and La Iglesia Episcopal de Nuestra Senora de las Americas. “We thought this might be a good way to reach out.”

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How about extending don’t ask don’t tell to heterosexuals?

Extending DADT would be a recruiting disaster, and could be far more destructive of unit cohesion. Suddenly, heterosexuals would have to bear the same kinds of costs that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender soldiers have been bearing for years (just as heterosexual couples at our church have had to bear the same costs that LGBT couples have borne –- not being able to religiously marry).

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Evangelicals represent “one out of 11 voters”

When defined based upon a consistent set of theological perspectives, evangelicals remain very united on abortion and homosexuality…. However, concerns about same-sex relationships are less unifying and less troublesome to the broader born again constituency. Born agains are far less concerned about homosexuality than they are about abortion.

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In the way of love

I find myself pitying the friends of my youth, who died when we were twenty-five years old, because whatever may be the richness of the life to which they have gone, and in which they have been living ever since, they never can know that particular manifestation of Christ which He makes to us here on earth, at each successive period of our human life

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Native Americans and the Civil Rights movement

The gift of Native Americans to the civil rights movement is the gift of a tiny minority fighting for its legal rights against overwhelming odds. Long before there were sit-ins at segregated lunch counters, there were Native activists fighting for justice in the Supreme Court. President Andrew Jackson ignored the verdict in one of these cases when he herded my ancestors on a death march.

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