Hollywood and conservative Christians

Speaking of “Daniel” and The Da Vinci Code as I was in the entry below, here is a piece from the Chicago Tribune, via the Charlotte Observer’s Web site: Conservative Christians take on Hollywood’s portrayal of religion.

A snippet:

Another reason lies in the sophisticated use many conservative Christians make of new technologies, particularly as they relate to the Internet. For example, through a feature of its Internet server, the AFA said it can tell how many members responded to its “e-mail blast” earlier this month and sent e-mails to NBC protesting “The Book of Daniel,” said Buddy Smith, who supervises the group’s extensive online presence.

He said the server tracked 600,000 protest e-mails sent; NBC called that number “greatly exaggerated” and put the number at “a couple thousand.” An unknown number of the group’s members also called their local NBC affiliates to complain about the show.

Since “Daniel” debuted on Jan. 6, at least nine NBC affiliates, primarily in the South, have declined to run the show. It also has struggled to attract and keep advertisers. But it is difficult to know how much is due to the show’s controversial content, its lukewarm ratings or the opposition by such groups as AFA and the American Decency Association, a Christian organization. In any event, the series always planned to end Feb. 3, but it doesn’t signal the end of the cultural war it’s embroiled in.

(Not sure that original Feb. 3 ending date is correct. There were eight scripts, not six.)

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