Jesus Our Brother


Episcopal Church and Visual Arts (ECVA) has launched their new exhibition, “Jesus Our Brother.”

Diane Walker, who curated this exhibition and who is ECVA’s Exhibitions Director, writes:

“As we begin the long slow walk through the 40 days of Lent, who is this Christ who has promised to walk with us? Inspired by thoughts of Jesus as brother, the artists whose work appears in this exhibition responded with a variety of images, some traditional and some less so.”


“Spending prayerful time with each of the pieces in this exhibition, I felt faith and hope shine through, and found myself thinking of the words of Mother Teresa, as she looked upon the faces of those whom she served: ‘Each one of them is Jesus in disguise.’ Each of these images, in its own way, offers a gentle reassurance — that wherever we may find ourselves, our brother Jesus is with us, just as the sun and the rain continue to feed, support, and nurture us, helping us to grow into what we are called by God and Christ to become.”

Seen above (top)and on front-page mastheads: “Transfiguration” by Linda McCray.

Seen above (bottom): The exhibition is led, from ECVA’s home page, with an image by John Giuliani, “Navaho Compassionate Christ.”

Click HERE to visit ECVA’s exhibition: “Jesus Our Brother.”

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