Leading through conflicts, Alban Institute webinar

Leadership in the church is rather more interesting and complex than it may look on the surface. For many years, the Alban Institute has worked with congregations and church leaders to help develop and build healthy and strong congregations. They have also embraced Web 2.0, offering “webinars” on various topics for church leaders over the Intenet. Today at noon such a “webinar” is being offered on Accountability and Leadership and the Alban Institute has posted a provocative lead-in to the topic.

Accountability and Leadership

From The Alban Institute

by Susan Nienaber

Consider these two situations:

A pastor has embezzled $50,000 from her congregation.

A pastor is hearing rumors that some members of his congregation are unhappy about his “leadership style,” or his “effectiveness,” or that he just “doesn’t seem to fit this congregation.”

Which congregation is faced with the more difficult conflict?

In fact, the first is a tremendously difficult and painful situation for the congregation, but the source of the conflict is clear. The second situation is likely to be the more difficult to resolve because of the variation of feelings among members and the lack of clarity around the “problem.”

Recently, a congregation contacted Alban asking for help with conflict regarding its pastor’s leadership.

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