Day: November 12, 2009

ABC affirms Anglican holiness

. . . within our Anglican family we need to go on telling a few stories about those who have shown us that it is possible to lead lives of Catholic holiness even in the Communion of the See of Canterbury . . .

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DC RCs see end to charity;
TEC bishop responds

UPDATED: 8:15 p.m. The Catholic Archdiocese of Washington said Wednesday that it will be unable to continue the social service programs it runs for the District if the city doesn’t change a proposed same-sex marriage law, a threat that could affect tens of thousands of people the church helps with adoption, homelessness and health care.

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Leading through conflicts, Alban Institute webinar

A pastor has embezzled $50,000 from her congregation.

A pastor is hearing rumors that some members of his congregation are unhappy about his “leadership style,” or his “effectiveness,” or that he just “doesn’t seem to fit this congregation.”

Which congregation is faced with the more difficult conflict?

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Have faith, friends

There is a cloak of shadow which seeks to cover up people, to reduce people, to stifle and bury people – turning them into lonely, blind and beggared souls – dropped off from the way – the way which in fact we were intended by God to journey in full lives of joy — diverted from the way God wants for us – by this force of darkness which does not love us, or what God wants, or God himself.

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