Local woman makes good!

Cathy Grossman of USA Today explores the issues surrounding Christian seders. Including this passage, which will be familiar to Café readers:

The Rev. Ann Fontaine, of the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming [currently working in the Diocese of Oregon] thinks ripping off Jewish tradition is not such a grand religious idea and there are plenty of Christian ways to share a meal together during Holy Week. She wrote at Episcopal Café last year:

How can those of us who have not walked the path of another tradition and lived with the oppression and violence skim off the cream of an “interesting” ritual? Doesn’t taking a ritual out of it’s cultural context cut off its roots? Rather than a living tradition, tended and shaped by history and the life around it, the ritual seems to become only the flower picked for its ability to decorate.

…. I wonder, though, how Christians would feel about Jews or Muslims having play Eucharists? Dressing someone up like a priest and saying the words from the Book of Common Prayer?

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