March Gladness reminder

Just a reminder that the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is about to begin, and Episcopal Cafe is helping to support the March Gladness competition sponsored by Episcopalians for Global Reconciliation. To participate, all you do is:

1) visit their March Gladness page, contribute $10 bucks and fill out a tournament bracket (maximum 5) BEFORE the first round games on Thursday.

2) designate a non-profit organization that works toward the Millennium Development Goals to receive your winnings

3) come on back here and let us know who you are playing for by leaving a comment on this item. (If you don’t know how to do that, see the instructions on our feedback page. Remember that we require your full name on your comment. )

The highest-scoring entry registered with us here at the Cafe wins an extra $100 for their MDG-related organization. If you don’t have a favorite MDG-related organization, take a look at the tail end of this item for some suggestions.

If you want to ponder your picks, take a look at the full bracket. For the uninitiated, your job is to forecast the winner of all the games now, before any are played.

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