New Primate in the Sudan

The Episcopal Church of the Sudan elected a new primate yesterday. The Rt. Rev. Daniel Deng Bul of the Diocese of Renk will succeed Archbishop Marona as the next leader of Anglicans in the Sudan.

According to the Episcopal News Service:

“Deng was elected February 14 on the first ballot out of a field of three nominees during an emergency General Synod at All Saints Cathedral in Juba, Sudan.

‘It is a big day filled with exitement in Juba,’ said Emmanuel Sserwadda, the Episcopal Church’s partnership officer for Africa who is attending the February 13-15 Synod.

The 75 voting delegates included bishops, clergy and laity, and a two-thirds majority of 50 votes was required to elect the new archbishop. The other candidates were Bishop Ezekiel Kondo of Khartoum and Bishop Francis Loyo of Rokoni.

Deng recieved 39 votes, Loyo 21 and Kondo 15. Kondo was eliminated and before the Synod could proceed to the second ballot, Loyo withdrew and asked all delegates to support Deng.

Deng’s enthronement will be held at All Saints Cathedral in Juba on April 20.”

Later in the article it is reported that:

According to the Diocese of Chicago’s Commission on Global Ministry, Deng received a Theology Certificate from Virginia Theological Seminary in 1997, and returned to guide the Diocese of Renk in a direction of self-sufficiency by starting schools at all levels, training programs for women, agriculture, fishing, and poultry projects. Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams and several U.S. Episcopalians from Chicago and Virginia traveled to Renk on February 28, 2006 for the historic consecration of the diocese’s new cathedral.

“Archbishop-elect Deng has promised to work with all partners that are willing to support the Episcopal Church of the Sudan,” said Sserwadda.

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