Day: February 15, 2008

Now there are five.

According to the ENS, five primates have now announced that they will boycott Lambeth in protest to the inclusion of the bishops the Episcopal Church amongst the assembled. Today Archbishop Nzimbi of Kenya joined four others who had previously indicated their concerns.

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New Primate in the Sudan

The Episcopal Church of the Sudan elected a new primate yesterday. The Rt. Rev. Daniel Deng Bul of the Diocese of Renk will succeed Archbishop Marona as the next leader of Anglicans in the Sudan.

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The vast majority

Far too many of our Anglican brothers and sisters around the world are dying, and people who are dying tend not to care one whit about someone else’s sexual orientation or activity. Far too many Anglicans have to worry about where to get enough food to eat. They are struggling, on a daily basis, to care for their children. They don’t have health care. They don’t have clean water, or medicine, or education.

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Qualities of a missionary

But since, I am not over sanguine to hope for any publick Funds for the PROPAGATION OF CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE, either in this, or the other Colonies: And my great hopes are from the pious Clergy themselves, and such particular Persons amongst the devout Laity, whose Hearts are inflamed with a Love of God, and of those Souls which he has purchased with his own Blood:

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