Obama “the most pro-life candidate”?

Joel Hunter, a major voice in the evangelical movement in the United States has agreed to offer up the closing prayer at the Democratic convention. He’s doing this, in part because, in his mind, Obama is the most pro-life candidate running for president this year.

According to Steve Waldman, writing on Beliefnet.com reports how Hunter is responding the charges that Obama is the most pro-choice candidate ever:

“Hunter makes a practical argument: providing women with economic help in carrying babies to term can actually reduce the number of abortions more, and more quickly, than focusing on overturning Roe v. Wade. ‘With eight years of Bush the abortion rates have not declined. Every indication is that with financial support and different forms of supporting pregnant mother and then some post birth help also we could come close to 50% reduction in abortions. That’s huge. That’s huge.’

Continuing with the same culture war paradigm is therefore morally dubious. ‘If we insist on keeping this an ideological war we’re literally not saving the babies we could save. The Democrats have a huge opportunity here to really steal the thunder from those who are seen as traditionally pro life.'”

No indication yet as to whether or not Hunter will be praying for good weather.

h/t to Zack over at Revolution in Jesus Land.

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