Day: August 15, 2008

Mere Christianity redux?

Back in the middle of the twentieth century a thin book was published by C.S. Lewis entitled Mere Christianity. The book was an attempt to

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Lambeth ’08 in retrospect

The lead editorial in the Church Times today provides an excellent overview of what happened at the most recent Lambeth Conference and some context in which to view it.

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Obama “the most pro-life candidate”?

Joel Hunter, a major voice in the evangelical movement in the United States has agreed to offer up the closing prayer at the Democratic convention. He’s doing this, in part because, in his mind, Obama is the most pro-life candidate running for president this year.

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Demographic shifts a’ coming

According to projections released yesterday by the US Census bureau, the racial makeup and age distribution of America’s population is about to undergo some important

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Renouncing the quest for the Holy Grail

The Church of Rome, confident that its leader, the successor to Peter, holds the keys to the kingdom, steadfastly insists that unity is possible only on its terms. That insistence has stalled reunification with the Orthodox Churches for centuries. I find many of Rome’s terms unacceptable and strongly suspect that a majority of Anglicans do as well.

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All of eastern piety, according to Vladimir Lossky, consists of the celebration of what is the goal of our salvation: overcoming the abyss between God and man. This is why there is added to the Christians’ devotion to an incarnate divine hypostasis, Jesus Christ, a deified human hypostasis, Mary, whom Gregory Palamas calls: ‘the boundary between the created and the uncreated’.

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