Presbyterians take on the Episcopalians in Wichita

After a dispute arose among the followers of Christ in the city of Wichita as to which of them were first in the city, a combat by trivia was declared. Hilarity ensues?

The Wichita Eagle is reporting on the “First Annual First Church in Wichita Bible Bowl” that is to help tonight between the clergy and people of First Presbyterian Church and St. John’s Episcopal Church.

“The background to the battle goes back to last year, when the Rev. Catherine A. Caimano, rector at St. John’s, shared in an article in The Eagle her goals for the upcoming year.

Among them: ‘I want us to look again at our rich history as the first church in Wichita, our reputation for outreach and community care, and to give new energy and vision to both as we start this new year.’

Her good friend, the Rev. Cathy Northrup, pastor of First Presbyterian, joked with her about that statement.

‘I believe Cathie misspoke,’ Northrup said.

First Presbyterian, Northrup said, is actually the first, with a charter date of March 13, 1870. St. John’s charter date is Oct. 4, 1870, according to its archivist, Katie Pott.

But although First Presbyterian had the earlier charter, Pott said St. John’s had the first church building — a sod-roof structure made of cottonwood slabs at Main and Central.

As Northrup and Caimano were having coffee one morning — as they frequently do — they thought of the idea of a Bible trivia contest.

They checked it out with their members, and settled on the format. They asked Hawn to come up with the questions.

Hawn, who used to referee hockey, said he might even wear his referee shirt.”

Read the full article here.

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