Our soul is a made trinity

Daily Reading for June 5

Not only are we made in his image and likeness, but the whole workings of our redemption, the way we walk in and towards God, is Trinitarian. Truth sees God, and wisdom beholds God, and of these two comes the third: that is a holy marvelous delight in God, which is love. For where truth and wisdom truly are, there too is love flowing from them both, and all is of God’s making; for he is the endless sovereign truth, endless sovereign wisdom, endless sovereign love—unmade.

And so was my understanding led by God to see in him and understand, to learn and to know of him that our soul is a made trinity, like to the unmade blessed Trinity, known and loved from without any beginning; and in the making it is oned to the Maker.

From the Revelation of Love by Julian of Norwich, quoted in Wisdom of the Cloister, compiled by John Skinner (Image Books, 1999).

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