Pittsburgh’s Bishop Price reflects on the road ahead

At the Diocese of Pittsburgh’s pre-convention service of Evening Prayer on Friday evening, Provisional Bishop Kenneth L. Price offered counsel for a diocese struggling to rebound.

He preached, in part,

As hard as it has been for many of you here in Pittsburgh to find yourselves in opposition to your former bishop . . . or at least to the direction in which he has gone, . . . praise God we no longer live in an age in which those in opposition are burned at the stake . . .not that fear of that would have made what you have gone through, and are still to a certain extent, any easier. If fact, given that the opposition for some is not necessarily in his beliefs as much as his actions, it may even be harder.


Witnessing, testifying, to the Holy Spirit means kicking our life up a notch, so to speak, so that in all we say and do and think, we reflect the love and forgiveness that Jesus has taught us. It means not promoting self, and not judging others. It means loving, not hating. It means seeking ways to serve, not to exalt ourselves. It means putting self promotion second to lifting up those who come seeking Christ in their own lives.

But this is not always easy. Frankly people often tick us off, disappoint us and try our patience. There will be times when we will fail and fall short of the glory of God. We are, after all, human. But failure does not have to be the last word. There is always room for repentance. In order to allow us to bounce back from those times we need the fellowship, intimacy and support of each other. That is what the fellowship of Christ is all about.

As we seek to build back up this diocese, we need the support of each other and we need to work hard to maintain and build up that fellowship, with Christ as the head.

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