Day: October 18, 2009

Sunday Social Hour

The weekly roundup of social media responses to our posts. Twitter has been quiet this week, although we’ve seen plenty of retweets from our followers, and Facebook has seen some lively conversation about the merits or lack thereof of Rick Warren’s books, among other things.

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A plea to Bishop Alexander in compiling a new hymnal

First, restore the hymnody of the Daily Office to the place that it deserves in our life of worship. Second, establish a commission uniting skilled linguists and liturgical poets to create the new definitive Modern English translations of these texts. Third, whatever works this commission produces—do not copyright them.

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The prayer of mindfulness

Converting spoken prayer to doing prayer may start with the need to accompany words by moving the body: bowing again and again while reading Torah, my kneeling and standing in church, a nun bending to light votive candles, an elderly couple raising their hands and arms during praise, or your walking through the dark, ferny woods as you recite the Jesus prayer.

You may already be doing prayer.

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