Sunday Social Hour

Twitter has been quiet this week, although we’ve seen plenty of retweets from our followers. One comment worth sharing: Daniel Stroud cracked up the #ecafe chat stream with his reply to “Not KJV? Burn it!“: “Someone once told my father in all seriousness that the KJV was good enough for Jesus so it’s good enough for him.”

The same post on Facebook yielded a number of comments (including another anecdotal reference to “good enough for Jesus”) that fired up some lively debate about whether Rick Warren’s books and/or the NIV should remain in the fire.

Also on Facebook, Deirdre Good’s Daily Episcopalian essay on “The Contribution of the Lone Translator” was warmly received. Commenter Kate Bell nominated an addition “for early 20th century interest: the Smith-Goodspeed out of the University of Chicago. Granted, two different translators, one Hebrew and one Greek, but IMHO an important edition on the protestant (northern Baptist) side.”

Interesting FB chatter on “Proof Texting for the Death Penalty” as well.

A quick note about multimedia that doesn’t come through on Facebook notes: Yesterday, John Chilton posted a link to Stephen Colbert’s “Wørd” segment on the cross, which included his rendition of the Nicene Creed done slam-poetry style. These embedded videos do not generally come through the cross-posting interface that allows us to share our posts with you through Facebook. To access them, look for the “Read Original Post” link at the bottom of the note, and click through to get back here to the Cafe. You can do that with any of the notes, for that matter, to see comments that are posted here–those comments do not get cross-posted to FB, and you may be missing part of the conversation.

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