Playing for the Yankees and an NJ church

As Cafe´ news-editor Ann Fontaine periodically reminds us, “baseball is a religion.” Now we hear confirmation that the world of the church and of baseball are closer than ever. The Yankees’ Stadium organist found an “off season” gig (via Craigslist!) for an New Jersey Episcopal Church in Morristown.

Organist inspires the faithful, from big ballpark in Bronx to church in Morristown

From the Star-Ledger

For six seasons, Ed Alstrom has performed regularly as organist for 50,000-plus baseball fans at weekend games in one of the nation’s highest-profile venues — Yankee Stadium.

Now, he’s got a second gig where crowds usually top out at about 200: the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in Morristown.

It’s a rare mix of the ethereal and the hardball worlds but, Alstrom said, there aren’t that many jobs for organists: You have to be flexible and you have to hustle, he says.

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