Day: November 19, 2009

TEC ad to run in USA Today

Updated: here is the ad. The Episcopal Church announces an ad campaign on the welcoming nature of the Episcopal Church. It will begin on November

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As simple, and profound, as the days of the week

We believe that the love of God in Christ has sanctified and transformed our whole life—not just the happy bits. Christ was like us in all things except sin and walked the same paths of pain and sorrow that we tread. If every Sunday is a festival of the resurrection (and it is), then it is only fitting that each Friday (except during our high-party seasons) be likewise a remembrance of the cross.

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Poor among the poor

The independent spirit of Elizabeth’s personality, which feared losing itself in her privileged status of aristocratic courtship and motherhood, became manifest in her single minded dedication to live the “option for the poor.”

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