Poor farmers helping rich countries

Small farmers from poor countries are helping larger rich countries cope with the financial crisis.

Small-scale farmers who rely on their land to keep their families and communities fed are helping Britain’s new breed of gardeners and allotment holders take the first steps towards growing their own fruit and vegetables. Their tips have been collected by international development agency Progressio as part of a drive to highlight the crucial role played by small-scale farmers across the globe.

Coming from countries as far apart as Honduras and Malawi, these ‘land-to-mouth’ farmers use organic farming methods which have been finely tuned by centuries of reliance on the land for survival. Their tips are being launched as 100,000 credit-crunched Britons queue up for allotments, vegetable plots are created in many more of our 15 million gardens, and sales of fruit and veg seeds jump by 28%.

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