Day: March 23, 2009

Living the Five Marks of Mission

Enrique Espinosa Bentancor recalled an ineffable Presence that sustained him and prevented him from hating his captors during his imprisonment. The palpable spirit of Jesus as his companion comforted and strengthened him.

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The war on terror and women’s rights: the connection?

What’s the connection between feminism and the war on terror? How do indigenous activists use US influence to effect change in their own governments? The author of a new book on reproductive rights in the global context answers these questions and then some.

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Hard Times, Good Ideas

How is your parish handling the economic crisis? What pastoral needs are you responding to? How are you saving money while responding to the growing needs in your community?

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Nigerians push back on anti-gay laws

There is no mention on either the CANA or ACNA websites of the support given by the Church of Nigeria (and other Christian churches) to the proposed Nigerian Same Gender Marriage (Prohibition) Act. Do CANA and ACNA support the Church of Nigeria’s position?

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Author of “The Disabled God:” dies at 44

By the time the theologian and sociologist Nancy Eiesland was 13 years old, she had had 11 operations for the congenital bone defect in her hips and realized pain was her lot in life. So why did she say she hoped that when she went to heaven she would still be disabled?

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Celibacy: a response I

Christian logic on sexuality—not necessarily practice, but logic—must begin with celibacy. Furthermore, I will argue that a theology of sexuality that begins with celibacy remaining more contiguous with first century thought presents a stronger argument in support of same-sex marriage than those that pass over celibacy in silence.

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Armenian prayers

O Christ our God, bless this food and this drink of your servants with a spiritual blessing, and make us healthy in soul and body; so that as we enjoy the food our bodies require in the modesty appropriate to our religious calling, we may share in your infinite blessings, and in the kingdom of heaven, together with your saints.

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