Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

The United States will soon host a conference of international leaders in Annapolis, Maryland to make progress toward ending the conflict in the Holy Land. Let us join together in prayer in support of our government’s efforts and for the success of this important meeting.

Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) offers this prayer for the churches to use this Sunday and during the conference:


O God, we come to you with open hands and open hearts.

We pray for peace and for all those that suffer violence and

injustice in the midst of war and conflict.

We pray for the innocent, combatants, peacemakers, and religious and

political leaders.

We pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the holy city of God and

spiritual home to all the children of Abraham.

O God of mercy and compassion,

Embrace our Israeli and Palestinian brothers and sisters.

They have endured profound loss and sorrow.

They are fatigued by fear and anger.

Mend their broken hearts and failing spirits.

Ignite in them sparks of hope.

Comfort them and guide them onto the road of peace.

O God of peace and reconciliation,

Lift up the international leaders who search for peace.

They have talked before without success.

They face a difficult road and many obstacles.

Inspire them to move from words to actions that fulfill a greater

vision of peace.

Arouse in them a passion for righteousness.

Bless them and their work for peace.

O God of all creation,

Your people cry for peace.

May your promise of justice and enduring love

Breathe renewed Life

Into our commitment to a sustainable peace,

When two states – Israel and Palestine – are a reality,

Living side-by-side in security, harmony and peace.


Read about the conference here and here.

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