Day: November 20, 2007

Schism in Canada

The Rt. Rev. Michael Ingham of the Diocese of New Westminster has filed a protest against a retired bishop who plans to hold ordinations in

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The Blog is here

They’re like monks of old, scribing texts on Scripture and theology, prayer and meditation, church governance and liturgics — topics that resonate with them and their experiences of faith in the current day. They’re bloggers — writers of Internet weblogs (“blogs,” for short) — whose readers respond with comments for posting online.

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Displacing the blame

The need to blame others for my lapse as a churchgoer is palpable. If only, if only. But ultimately I’m responsible for my own stuff. That’s what we’re trying so hard and so rigorously to impress upon our young teenage sons. You don’t like that grade in math? Oh…maybe you should try harder. You want an I-tunes gift card? Oh…maybe you should mow a neighbor’s yard.

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Edmund the blessed

Edmund the Blessed, King of East Anglia, was wise and worthy, and exalted among the noble servants of the almighty God. He was humble and virtuous and remained so resolute that he would not turn to shameful vices, nor would he bend his morality in any way, but was ever-mindful of the true teaching:

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