Southern Cone plans to take in Canadian Anglicans

The National Post (Canada) reports that the expansion aspirations of the Province of the Southern Cone include more than disaffected dioceses in the United States. As we know, on Friday Bishop Donald Harvey left the Anglican Church of Canada and became a full-time bishop of the Anglican Church of the Southern Cone of the Americas. (The Anglican Church of Canada was swift in its reaction.)

In a news release on the weekend, Bishop Harvey said: “Because of the unabated theological decay in the Anglican Church of Canada, many long-time Anglicans have already left their church and left Anglicanism. We want to provide a fully Anglican option for those who feel their church has abandoned them and who are contemplating taking the same action.”

On Thursday, the Anglican Network of Canada, which Bishop Harvey leads, plans to announce a plan by which other dissident Anglicans can leave the Canadian Church.

“[At the meeting] we will unveil a proposal and some [parishes] will be in a position to take the option then and others will have to go back to their parishes and meet before making a decision.”

Bishop Harvey said there are only a few parishes he knows of that are willing to follow his lead, but hopes his decision will act as a symbolic opening to many others who are unhappy with the Canadian Church.

Read it all here.

Read the Reuters version here. It says, “Harvey said on Monday that 18 to 20 Canadian congregations were considering joining the Southern Cone.”

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