Retired Canadian Archbishops Call for Same Sex Blessings

News from the Anglican Province of Canada today:

“As Canada’s Anglican Church prepares for its historic – and possibly schismatic – decision on blessing homosexual unions, six of its most senior clerics Thursday called for a yes vote that would show ‘justice, compassion and hope for all God’s people.’

The declaration from the half-dozen retired archbishops from across the country reveals a sharp division in the church’s hierarchy.

While the archbishops said that blessing the unions of same-sex couples does not touch on the church’s ‘core doctrine,’ last month the national House of Bishops issued a pastoral statement saying that the ‘doctrine and discipline of our church does not clearly permit [same-sex blessings].’”

Read the rest here: Bless same-sex unions, retired archbishops urge

The complete statement from the General Synod site is HERE

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