Rich countries resisting changes to prevent climate change

Christian Aid, a british charity and NGO has roundly critized the response by Western nations at the latest UN conference on global climate change in Bonn. The countries risk totally derailing the talks by their lack of commitment to move on actions that are believed to slow the rate of climate change.

Ekklesia writes:

“‘Developed countries have been unable to agree on any overall target for their cuts, let alone one which will hold the global temperature rise below 2oC – the point at which scientists predict climate catastrophe’ said Nelson Muffuh, Christian Aid’s senior climate advocate. ‘They are wrecking the negotiations that are supposed to secure a deal by December.’

Mithika Mwenda from Kenya, Coordinator of the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance, said rich countries’ proposed emissions cuts are even weaker than those required by the existing Kyoto Protocol.

‘I’d rather see my country refuse an agreement with such low ambition,’ said Mr Mwenda, ‘Rich countries’ political will to make up for their historic responsibility and to safeguard poor people’s lives, dignity and development is just not there. Things have to change dramatically.’”

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