Same-sex marriage controversy sweeps through Maine

The Associated Press:

For an off-year election, in a state only rarely in the national political spotlight, an upcoming referendum on same-sex marriage has dramatic potential to make history and to roil emotions from coast to coast.

On Nov. 3, Maine voters will become the first in any state with the chance to repeal or uphold a law passed by their Legislature and signed by their governor, legalizing same-sex marriage. The outcome is considered too close to call, and the race is galvanizing activists on both sides of the issue across the country.

The ballot measure, Question One, results from Maine’s provision for a ”people’s veto” — any newly passed law can be subject to repeal by voters if enough valid signatures are obtained to trigger a referendum.

And there is this column letter to the editor, which argues that “true” Episcopalians oppose same-sex marriage.

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