Day: October 10, 2009

WWJD…about capitalism? asks Michael Moore

The Priests in this documentary, … aren’t ambivalent – they characterize capitalism as evil. This must be jarring for most moviegoers who have not had the pleasure of interacting with radical priests who, unfortunately, seem to be something of a dying breed these days.

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Sharper than any two-edged sword

When I was a kid growing up in Washington, D.C., I was fascinated by the precincts around the Capitol, Washington Monument and White House. My dad’s office was always downtown, and there were many “boring” Saturdays, when I would have to tag along with him while he was slaving away in the office.

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The democracy of the altar

All the careful worship through which the Church leads her children to the Altar, all the emotion into which, cleansed and fed, they return, is saturate with social earnestness. But the Sacrament is greater than the worship which enshrines it; and meditation on the Holy Mystery Itself gives best guidance to our minds.

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