Saturday collection 12/5/09

Our weekly collection of good news about The Episcopal Church:

Churches are once again offering services for those whose Christmases may not be so merry this year. Blue Christmas or a Service of Solace gives liturgical space to those who are mourning losses or are otherwise suffering. St. John’s Episcopal Church in New City, New York service is reported here, St. John the Divine Episcopal Church, Burlington, WI is hosting a service with others here. St. John’s Episcopal Church in Jackson, WY also continues their tradition of this service.

More information on Blue Christmas is here.

Bicycling across the country allows one to eat pie every night.

It took a couple weeks before I thought we could actually do it,” Louise Smith said. “Even when we started, I wasn’t sure.” “All of a sudden, you’ve traveled 1,000 miles,” Alan Smith said. “Then it’s 1,500 miles and you realize how far you’ve come.” They have fond memories of unexpected stops along the way, including Jordan, Mont., known as the “Dinosaur Capital of the World” for its fossil-rich rock formations. They spent their 40th wedding anniversary at a bed and breakfast in Wisconsin made of cobblestone, just like their house near Route 20 in the town of Pompey.

The couple traveled from Pompey, NY to Seattle, WA.

Project Homeless Connect offers resources and hope at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church to people who are homeless and the working poor

The working poor are in every bank, in McDonald’s. The people who pick up your recycling are working poor. Our staff is working poor. Unfortunately, it’s really expensive to live in Morris County,” Joann said.

h/t to Episcopal News Service

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