Day: December 5, 2009

Episcopal people in the news

We heard the news of some interesting Episcopal people this week. We were sorry to hear of the deaths of Grant Gallup and Flower Ross, and were glad to hear that John Lipscomb has found a spiritual home.

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Diocese of LA elects 2nd suffragan

Updated. In a seven ballot election The Rev. Canon Mary D. Glasspool has been elected a suffragan bishop of the Diocese of Los Angeles pending the required consents. The second woman elected bishop bishop in the diocese in as many days, she is also a partnered lesbian.

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Anglican funeral occasion for comparing gays to roaches

A member of the clergy of the Anglican Church of Uganda has compared homosexuals to cockroaches. The occasion was a funeral. According to the Monitor the clergyman in also on the faculty of the Uganda Christian University. The vice chancellor of the university is Stephen Noll and the executive director of Uganda Christian University Partners is the spouse of the Bishop of Dallas.

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Lousiana’s bishop-elect

The Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana elected The Very Rev. Morris Thompson, as the 11th Bishop of Louisiana today at Christ Church Cathedral, New Orleans. Thompson currently lives in Lexington, Kentucky with his wife, Rebecca. He serves as the Dean of Christ Church Cathedral.

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The child-leader

Curb for wild horses,

Wing for bird-courses

Never yet flown!

Helm, sage for weak ones,

Shepherd, bespeak once,

The young lambs thine own.

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