Save the twitter stream!

We learned this morning that a member of Executive Council has objected to Lelanda Lee’s tweeting of the group’s recent meeting, and that the issue of further tweeting has been referred the council’s Government and Administration for Mission Committee for consideration at its April meeting.

Lelanda said there was no discussion of the complaint at the meeting, but that the complainant reported feeling “violated” by the tweeting.

We would have thought that the church’s right to know what its elected representatives are doing in open meetings at which a $140 million (give or take) budget is under consideration would have been self evident.

Maybe not. We’ll keep an eye on this issue, but if you know any Executive Council members now might be a good time to tell them that sunshine is good for them.

Lelanda used the has tag #ExCounMtg. Deacon Terry Starr pitched in a few tweets, too. And you can follow the Cafe on twitter at @episcopalcafe and #ecafe. And stay tuned at about 12:15 for a report based on Lelanda’s twitter stream concerning declining church membership.

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