Search for the holy

Daily Reading for July 8

A journey, a quest, the search for the holy, answers a deep need in all of us, the outer journey which reflects the inner journey. The twentieth century has brought easier travel and made it possible for people in their thousands to visit all the great shrines and places of pilgrimage. Even if they cannot always precisely articulate what it is that they are seeking, they still find themselves drawn to holy places. The Celtic tradition of peregrinatio may have little in common with today’s travel, yet they still have an important contribution to make towards the understanding of the purpose that underlies the journey: to find the place of one’s resurrection, and the equally profound insight, that unless we also carry within our hearts the God whom we are seeking, we will not find him.

From Every Earthly Blessing: Rediscovering the Celtic Tradition by Esther de Waal. Copyright © 1991. Used by permission of Morehouse Publishing, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

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