St. James, Newport Beach being sued to recover court costs

St. James Anglican Church in Newport Beach is being sued by the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles to recover the costs the diocese incurred in its successful suit to retain the building and money of a congregation that voted to leave the Episcopal Church.

The suit is described as “threatening and bullying” by the attorney for St. James.

“‘They are doing this so no one ever dares leave the Episcopal hierarchy ever again,’ said attorney Daniel Lula, who represents St. James.

Attorney John Shiner, who represents the diocese, said Friday that he didn’t know how much money his client would try to recover from St. James and individual members of its vestry, which functions like a board of directors.

‘We’re doing nothing more than what we’re entitled to do legally,’ Shiner said.”

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St. James was led by Bishop David Anderson, who was instrumental in founding and later setting the trajectory of the American Anglican Council. He remains President and CEO. Bishop Anderson (formerly Canon Anderson of the Diocese of Los Angeles) is now a bishop associated with the ACNA — he is part of CANA. The Province of Uganda just attempted to seat an AAC staff person at the Anglican Consultative Council meeting taking place in Jamaica.

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