Day: May 4, 2009

TEC wins “tentative” victory in San Joaquin case

Both the United States Supreme Court and California courts have held that in the case of hierarchical religious entities the civil courts must accept as binding and defer to decisions by religious tribunals with respect to religious doctrine, practice, faith, ecclesiastical rule, … as well as religious entity governance and administration.

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Support for bishop elect of Northern Michigan

We cannot emphasize enough how this exceptional man has quietly and consistently expanded our spiritual lives as a Christian community. So it is especially painful for us to watch while others malign him during this consent process. ~~vestry of St. Paul’s, Marquette

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Methodists launch $20 million ad campaign

The messaging, targeting 18- to 34-year-olds, highlights the many opportunities for involvement within United Methodist churches – from community hunger programs to basketball leagues. Meanwhile, the denomination is engaging in dialogue within its churches about enhancing those opportunities.

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What will be lost

For most of my career in the Episcopal Church we have been conscious of – even proud of – our vagueness. We’ve even managed to justify it as good theology. Sadly, now we are being driven to specificity, both by those who don’t want to associate with us–and who are at great pains to explain just why they don’t want to associate–and by those who do.

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Final conversation

Not long before the day on which she was to leave this life—you knew which day it was to be, O Lord, though we did not—my mother and I were alone, leaning from a window which overlooked the garden in the courtyard of the house where we were staying at Ostia. We were talking alone together and our conversation was serene and joyful.

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