Take 1

It will be interesting to see what signficance reporters attach to today’s events in Dar es Salaam.

Here is Steven Bates in the Guardian:

The primates of the worldwide Anglican communion appeared last night to have stepped back from moves to exclude the US Episcopal church over its liberal position towards gay people.

A report by a group headed by Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, given to the churches’ archbishops and presiding bishops at their biannual meeting in Tanzania yesterday said the Americans had largely done everything required of them in reining back on consecrating gay bishops and expressing their regret for straining relations with other Anglicans.

The Rev Colin Coward, a gay English Anglican who was lobbying the meeting on behalf of the pressure group Changing Attitude, said: “We are very pleased and delighted … The archbishops have come up with a surprisingly realistic assessment of the reality of life in the communion for gay and lesbian people.”

It’s all here.

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