Day: February 15, 2007

Take 4

Mine. (see Takes 1-3 below.) Conservative bloggers’ anger about the report today from the sub-group that evaluated the Episcopal Church’s response to the Windsor Report

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Take 3

Unlike British journalists Steven Bates (see Take 1, below) and Jonathan Petre, (see Take 2 below) Elizabeth Kennedy of the Associated Press is writing for

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Take 2

from the Telegraph. Jonathan Petre, writing for a more conservative audience that Steven Bates (See Take 1 below) stresses the conservative initiative that may be

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Wormwood with the Primates

Giles Fraser proves that liberals can appropriate C. S. Lewis, too. “Especially keep in mind the first principle of effective warfare: take their strength, and

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Take 1

It will be interesting to see what signficance reporters attach to today’s events in Dar es Salaam. Here is Steven Bates in the Guardian: The

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What they are saying

Updated again with the Anglican Centrist’s prediction for tomorrow. The report from the sub-committee of Anglican leaders who evaluated the Episcopal Church’s response to the

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Some breaking news

The report of the group that advised the Archbishop of Canterbury on the Episcopal Church’s response to the Windsor Report is online here. Updated: Ok,

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Not so much

News, I mean. ENS has this scene-setter. The AP’s Elizabeth A. Kennedy, who has distinguished herself by being one of the first reporters to allow

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