What they are saying

Updated again with the Anglican Centrist’s prediction for tomorrow.

The report from the sub-committee of Anglican leaders who evaluated the Episcopal Church’s response to the Windsor Report (look two items down) has been greeted with much reaction.

Scott Gunn’s most recent post from Tanzania is here.

Here’s Richard at Caught by the Light.

Here’s Mark Harris, who, it should be noted, was part of the Special Commission that helped shape the response under study.

Here’s Ruth Gledhill.

Here’s Greg Griffith of Stand Firm. And here’s the Raspberry Rabbit’s item on the tenor of the conversation at Stand Firm.

Here’s the American Anglican Council’s response.

And here’s the Rev. Caroline Hall for Integrity.

Simon has other links. And, in the midst of all of this, the Admiral has some news about the episcopal election in South Carolina. As does a group I hadn’t heard of before, called South Carolna Episcopalians.

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