The Art Of Advent


This year for Advent, ECVA and Curator Ana Hernandez called artists for its latest exhibition “Imaging the Sacred Art of Chant.” Their responses were inspiring, and in her Curator’s Statement, Ana creates a pedestal from which to view each individual entry, as well as the exhibition as a whole.


Ana writes: “Music and art are two among the many on-going dialogues we have over the course of our lives. Whether with people or issues, the beauty of the arts in life’s dialogue is that they teach us to see and not merely look, to listen deeply. This is especially important when we’re faced with the unpleasant, painful, or perplexing. Music and art help us to negotiate the gnarly aspects of our lives; they bear us up, help us to pay attention, change what we can, and love what is.”


You are invited to visit the exhibition, and to read Ana’s complete statement HERE.

Images above: Top (and on front-page mastheads): “Imaging the Sacred Art of Chant” by Jim Curtis; Middle: “Be Thou My Vision” by Kathy Thaden; Bottom: “Serenity 1” by Gary Gorby.

Words above: from Imaging The Sacred Art of Chant Curator’s Statement, by Ana Hernandez.

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