The church of football, Buckeye edition

A news brief in Episcopal Life’s Diocesan Digest points to the next chapter in Episcopal Cafe’s sports coverage:

This fall, hundreds of thousands of Ohio State University (OSU) football fans will receive a little something extra in their game programs — an invitation to any of the more than 80 congregations in the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio.

Some diehard fans are nearly religious in their dedication to the Buckeyes, as the OSU sports teams and their friends are called; others consider football their fall religion. The diocese thought it would take advantage of that commitment and invite people to follow game day with worship on Sunday.

The diocese will have a quarter-page, full-color ad in each of the home-game programs at Ohio State. About 150,000 programs are printed for the sold-out crowds at each of the seven games.

To see the ad, read the brief here.

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