The Poetics Of Space


Color (and challenging established theories of color-field), form, geometry, hard-edged line/design, optical illusion, and the balance and play of light and shadow are all equal and vital elements in and of my art. Areas of philosophical and thematic concerns in my work include: quantum physics, astronomy, the poetics of space, the collective consciousness, mysticism/spirituality, and, the recycling of ideas/myths/concepts.


I consider my work to be a form of prayer to the Great Substance of the All… As a multi-media visual artist and performer/poet, I am a story teller in the Realm of the Image. My work exists to take all willing viewers into their exact present moment of perfect observation . . . the moment when one observes his or her self through the eyes of the being into which they have evolved… your very own cathedral of sacred mountains… your hand-held mirror of immediate self-recognition.


Seen above (and front-page mastheads)—Art by Gerard Di Falco. Top/Front-Page Mastheads: “Sacred Place Under Orange Moon” Middle: “Prehistoric Horse from the Magic Caves of Cerebella” Bottom: “Angel In Paris”

Words above by Gerard Di Falco

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