The real conspiracy

Scott Gunn writes that he believes he’s discovered the real reason for the present controversies in the Anglican Communion, and who is ultimately pushing things along. It’s the vestment companies:

“I think a certain company from Greenwich, Connecticut has brainwashed certain Anglicans to espouse divisive ideas. The idea was that things would fall apart, and we’d need a whole new set of bishops. Heck, now we’re getting set after set of bishops. Their nefarious plan has been wildly successful!

Yes, my friends, I believe it’s all about the purple shirts. Is it the retailer? The fabric manufacturer? How deep does the plot go? If I can find an IRD-esque funder, I plan to continue this investigation. And, definitely, I’m going to buy a massive fake volcano.

As crazy as it sounds to imagine that an ecclesiastical haberdasher is behind all this, I just can’t fathom a more rational explanation for why Rwanda needs to have half its House of Bishops operating in the US. I can’t see why we need to have outposts from Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Southern Cone, and who-knows-where-else?”

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