There Are Windows And Doors


St. Francis, by Jeanelle McCall, leads visitors to ECVA’s latest exhibition: “Holy Women, Holy Men.”

The exhibition’s Curator, Bro. Karekin M. Yarian, BSG writes: Here you will find a sweet array of inspiration, wrought by gentle hands in prayer. It is no small thing to capture the spirits of our prophets and saints in oils and inks; to explore the mystery of holiness in sculpture and fabric and paper and canvas. But here, our friends have called forth the names and images of those who have preceded us. Here, there are windows and doors. Here, there are prayers and pleas. Here, there are the works of the Spirit brought forth from the hearts of faithful and creative warriors.

Image above (and on front-page mastheads): St. Francis by Jeanelle McCall.

Words above by Bro. Karekin M. Yarian, BSG.

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