There are days when I wish that the Falls Church News-Press had a much larger circulation, and today is one of them.

An editorial today includes this:

“Rules are rules and the defectors, while having the right to act on their convictions to walk away, should have no expectation of grabbing property that’s not theirs. Moreover, they should have no expectation of staying within the good graces of any element of the national denomination, or, for that matter, of the global Anglican communion. Both the defectors and their new leader, Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria, run the risk of being bounced out of the global church if for no other reason than that Akinola, himself, violated fundamental church rules by claiming jurisdiction over a region not assigned to him.

The defectors should not cry over this, or assail the denomination for being “un-Christian.” They should expect it and embrace it as the price of maintaining their religious convictions. They shouldn’t let an idolatry of physical possessions or formal titles taint them.”

I don’t think Akinola is in any danger of being bounced out of the Communion, but he may decide to form his own. Read it all.

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