Wednesday Morning Prayer

The recommended Canticle for use after the first testament reading at Morning Prayer on a Wednesday is Surge, illuminare: Rise and shine.

On a day like any other
buses ran, some on time
buskers sang, some in tune
people minded the gap and
the invisible person by the stair
papers vended, church bells rang
children scattered staccato
footsteps echoed hasty, hungry drums
tattooing the air and someone
in the heart of the beating world
heard the prayer
Arise, shine
for the glory of God has dawned
upon a day like no other …

On a day like any other
Arise. Shine.

The Revd Rosalind C Hughes is the Rector of the Church of the Epiphany, Euclid, Ohio. She blogged about the Wednesday Canticle once before, at over the water/
Photo: Sunrise over the desert, Wadi Rum, Jordan

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