We’re no stranger to controversy

From Episcopal Life Online:

House of Deputies President Bonnie Anderson told a gathering of Episcopalians in Denver May 20 that Christianity has always been embroiled in controversy and that, while the Episcopal Church is no different, it “has the Good News of reconciliation to bring to this world and we are doing that in amazing ways.”

“We walk along God’s tightrope balancing our great value for diversity with our desire to speak with one voice,” Anderson told the Martyn Hart Legacy Society.

Of particular note are her comments on Sunday’s Epistle while preaching at St. John’s Cathedral in Denver:

Noting that the Epistle reading that day included the Bible’s last words, Anderson said, “People of faith have good reason to pay attention to last words. In them we find the distilled essence of the message, we find the truth.”

In the case of the last words of the Revelation to John, Anderson noted, the words form an invitation, “not of judgment or harsh words — but of open invitation.”

“What is most important is the invitation,” she said. “We are invited to God through Jesus. In turn, we are invited to invite others — to share the story, the power, the transformation, the comfort, the justice of God through Christ.”

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